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Proof of Concept, Site Surveys, Detailed Design, System Validation, Site Installation and Commissioning


The Wilton - Grangemouth Ethylene Pipeline (WGEP) system is operated from a Control system sited in the Wilton Ethylene Control at Wilton. The existing control platform (DEC and VAX based PC system) was built onto a SCADA system which monitored and controlled the individual valve stations along the l pipeline between Wilton and Grangemouth. The SCADA system itself was obsolete and becoming increasingly difficult to support. The system as a whole was bespoke and there are limited engineering resource to provide support which resulted in high operational and maintenance cost for the present framework.

The Pipeline has a number of remote valve stations which monitor valve positions, upstream and downstream pressure, temperature, cathodic protection, battery charger status and flow control at the now standard stations. Information at the remote valve stations was collected via Transmitton RTUs and transmitted to the Wilton - Grangemouth Ethylene Pipeline SCADA via BT KiloStream communications links.

The proposal was to replace the existing SCADA System with a Honeywell Experion R400 SCADA System (Configured by Honeywell), replace the existing RTUs and hardwired interlock with a SIL rated HIMA F35 Saftey Related Controller configured to BS EN 61508 (Configured by Hima-Sella) and utilise ADSL as the primary communcations and GPRS as a secondary communications route for each valve station back to the control room at Wilton. (Configured by SABIC)

Systems Engineering commenced with the production of a Functional Design Specification (written by IDEC) from which a detailed "Proof of Concept" test was carried out utilising all the proposed hardware, software and communications.

Conceptual Design

conceptual design

System Upgrade

Idec's role was to carryout the site surveys, detailed design, system validation, site installation and commissioning for 20 valve stations and a control room.

Site Surveys

Each valve station's electrical drawings were checked and marked up with any changes found, Phone line's were tested, GPRS converage was checked for all major network providers and communcations links to existing flow computers were verified as operational. (By IDEC).

Detailed Design

A Detailed Design Specification (Co-written by IDEC / SABIC) was produced from the Functional Design Specification (Written by IDEC) incorporating the SCADA System from Honeywell, the Primary and Secondary communications, Saftey Related Controller configuration including high differential pressure interlock and 3rd party communications links.
A complete design pack was produced (By IDEC) for each valve station consisting of:-
Electrical Drawings
Loop Drawings
Factory Acceptance Test Specification
Site Acceptance Test Specification
Installation & Commissioning Method Statement
Installation & Commissioning Risk Assessment

System Validation

The SCADA System (configured by Honeywell), Comunications System (configured by SABIC), Safety Related Controller (configured by Hima-Sella), 3rd Party Communcations (configured by IDEC) were all tested as a complete system on a valve station by valve station basis as per the Factory Acceptance Test Specification by IDEC/SABIC/Honeywell utilising a valve station simulation panel and the hardware to be installed at each valve station.

Site Installation

To ensure a fast cutover from the old system to the new system, a mounting plate to the exact dimensions of the redundant RTU was fitted with the Safety Related Controller complete with wiring loom. All panel doors were removed prior to cutover, fitted out with new displays complete with wiring looms. Cutover consisted of the complete removal of the redundant system, installation of the new system, point to point check of all wiring and continuity testing of all communications cabling (By IDEC).


The Safety Related Controller, Communcations, 3rd Party Communications were all tested by IDEC as per the Site Acceptance Test Specification back to the SCADA system.

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