Substation Design

High Voltage Substation Design

Idec Technical Services provides a high quality electrical design associated with the construction of new and the refurbishment of existing 132kV, 33kV and 11kV substations including:-

  • Main Transformers
  • Transformer Protection Panels
  • Transformer AVC Panels
  • 33kV and 11kV Switchboards as required
  • Outdoor 132kV, 33kV and 11kV Switchgear as required
  • 110V dc Battery Charger and Distribution Systems
  • LVAC Switchboards
  • SCADA systems including RTU's for the remote control of the circuit breakers
  • Small power, heating and lighting associated with switch house buildings

Our scope of work for this type of project usually follows the following format:-

Attend the sub-station together with the nominated civil engineering designers and the main contractor to ascertain and agree the scope of work covered by this particular project. Discuss all practical options available and present these finding in the form of a scope of work document.

Following the acceptance of the scope of work document IDEC then specify the following equipment:

  • Specification of the new switchboard covering fault levels, protection current & voltage transformer class and ratio, number of feeders, incomer and bus sections, etc.
  • Specification of SCADA system requirements, digital input, digital output and analogue signal details
  • Specification of 110Vdc battery charger & distribution system including standing load requirements, maximum switching currents expected, discharge times, etc.
  • Specification of LVAC 415Vac and 11Kvac switchboards and prepare associated drawings to enable them to be built
  • Prepare transformer protection panel schematic, wiring and general arrangement drawings to enable the panels to be built
  • Prepare transformer AVC panel schematic, wiring and general arrangement drawings to enable the panels to be built
  • Prepare drawings to enable the site installation team to interface the existing transformer and tap-changer to the new protection & AVC panels
  • Prepare drawings to enable the site construction team to fully re-wire the existing switch house for small power, heating, lighting and de-humidification requirements
  • Prepare site layout drawings to detail all major & secondary items of plant
  • Prepare cable block diagram, site cable schedules and core termination sheets to enable the site construction team to complete the project


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