high voltage protection refurbishment

High Voltage Protection Refurbishments

Idec Technical Services are able to provide in-house total Electrical & ICA Services - Design, Panel Assembly, Site Installation, Testing, Commissioning and back-up services including: -

  • Replacement of obsolete primary protection and auxiliary relays associated with long established substation switchgear sites
  • Provision of new microprocessor protection relays fitted and prewired off site to panel fabricated fascias. This minimises system feeder overall outage periods for installation, testing and commissioning
  • Protection scheme design, specification and procurement of protection and auxiliary relays, panel components, panel metalwork and installation materials
  • Preparation of scheme drawings, wiring diagrams, metalwork detailing, provision of installation documentation, site work programme, method statements, risk assessments, test schedules, wiring test sheets, commissioning test records and "as commissioned documentation"
  • Design and installation work content established at each substation. Existing protection relay wallframes or free standing panels surveyed to determine the extent of metalwork replacement and agree protection relay layout. Installation methodology determined for sequence outage of panels at all substations. Cable supply and installation work associated with protection and supervisory control finalised
  • Fabricated panel metalwork comprising full panel front plates, relay projection collars or replacement panel doors fitted out with protection relays and control components. Each assembled unit prewired and wiring point to point tested in readiness for site installation
  • At programmed work location and applicable protection panel redundant protection relays and associated wiring removed. Panel metalwork modification content undertaken either by 'Plasma' cutting techniques at vibration sensitive panel suites or direct metalwork cutting performed at stand alone panels. Panel front plates mounted and pre-wiring connected to internal panel components and terminals. On installation completion panel functionally tested and commissioned with customer's engineer in attendance


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