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Idec Today

Idec is a private limited company owned by the board of directors and has been in business since 1977

Idec has a Graydon credit rating of 4A with a low risk giving full justification for entering into a credit relationship, has financial stress rating of 68.5/1 and is independent of any charges to any banks or mortgage companies.

graydon payment gauge

Indicator in Poor zone
Stricter payment terms and close supervision of the account is recommended.

Indicator in Normal zone
Will need chasing from time to time.

Indicator in Good zone
Likely to pay invoices on or near to due date.

The payment behaviour gauge (above) indicates how fast the subject may pay its creditors based on information provided to Graydon from its trade payment programme, county courts and financial statements.

Idec provides high value product related services to its customers throughout the operational life of our engineering services.


Idec is committed to delivering a consistently high performance output covering not only its product range but across all aspects of health, safety and environmental management. The goal of our Sustainability efforts is to support social and economic growth in the communities and the areas where we conduct our business.

Our technologies are assessed for their potential to deliver sustainable benefits not only to our company and our customers but also to the energy-using world. In everything, we validate our progress through.

Sustainability thinking influences the way we approach our business every day, and we regard it as the responsibility of every employee as it can give us a competitive advantage; Sustainability will continue to reach into every corner of our company, and to shape every aspect of our future.

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